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Noble, grand, intelligent - these epithets could be used to describe the recital 'Music of Angels' by the pianist Inga Liukaitytė. <...> She performed Beethoven's Sonata op. 110 with a huge ambition, respect for the composer and his text, listening and hearing every modulation, every change of harmony, every counterpoint in both fugues. <...> The complex rhythms of Regard des Anges by Olivier Messiaen were executed with great precision and it sparkled with artful colours and shades.

Alina Ramanauskienė, Kauno Diena newspaper

About Inga

Inga Liukaitytė is a Lithuanian pianist based in the UK. She has been praised for the rich colours, intelligence, and precision of her performances, as well
as interesting, innovative programmes, often combining music with spoken word.


A laureate of more than fifteen international piano competitions, Inga has performed at the Barbican Hall, St James Piccadilly church in London, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Her musical career encompasses performance and teaching.


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